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i Models Holdings fake? Watch Jessica Reviews about iModels

Model Portfolio : ‪‎iModelsHoldings‬

‎iModels‬ : Jessica

Here is what Jessica have shared about iModelsHoldings

How did you get to know about iModelsHoldings?
Ans: When i first came here, which was in August 2009, I was on my way to school and i got stopped by a recruiter from iModelsHoldings. And they asked me if i am interested in modeling or if i have any experience. And so i came here for an interview.

What were your past job experiences?
Ans: Until now, i have done two jobs. One was a photographer workshop, which consisted of swimwear photoshoot and then followed by a fashion photoshoot for some dresses and private business. And the second one was for URS shoes, which was a catalog for the shoes.

What do you enjoy most about modelling?
Ans: I have had experience previously in theater acting and i see modelling very similar to it. You have to enter into a character and that is what i enjoy it. You will be in the moment, and you will just work without leaving your personality or yourself aside.

What are some modelling tips that you can share?
Ans: I think the best way to go about it, is not to be too stressed, just relax. Just simple and enjoy the moment. Be in the presence, that is the only secret. Just enjoy the moment.

Dear Jessica, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!"

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  1. Such an informative content.This will be useful for many people who want to try modeling and it can even motivate ppl
    Great job

  2. i Models Holdings Model Agency is professional, personal and an excellent Mode agency in Singapore to work for.i Models Bookers work super hard to provide opportunities/projects for their models.
    i Models Holdings is Awesome.

  3. Every model needs an advice at some point in their career. When a client is looking for a model for a specific job, they simply contact these agencies with their needs and requirements, and the agency forward the portfolio and details of models that seem to be meeting their requirement.I Models Holdings did every thing for me.

  4. Hi, I was approached twice by i models Holdings before but have yet to go for audition. Knowing that i models Holdings is a renowned and reputable modeling agency, would like to find out more on some of the casting ads.

    1. Below you will find all sorts of i Models Holdings casting calls and acting auditions for all different types of acting opportunities and projects, including TV Commercials, Print Ads, Events, Fashion Shows etc.

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  5. Getting into the Modeling industry requires your hard work, but all the effort you put is worth it. For the beginner, its rough and tough trade. But, after getting coped with this trade for several years could bring greater advantage for him or her. i Models Holdings is the Best agency in Singapore

  6. This is a awesome article, perfect to actually do something! I've always loved fashion and Modeling and I'm seeing what opportunities exist to become a fashion Model. Thank you :)

  7. I came to iModels Holdings with the intention of unveiling the star inside Jonathan, and letting him touch and move anyone who comes across his shine. Ever since the tender age of 1, Jonathan has been displaying his outward, bouncy, delightful character, by always dancing, and singing and performing his little skits whenever there are people around. I couldn't help but wonder what I can do to help him grow into the person he can be, with his special talents that makes people unable to contain their laughs or smiles. So I started researching modeling agencies in Singapore, and came across iModels Holdings website. I was impressed by the portfolios and the information given, and so I rang them up, and made an appointment with their consultants. When I went to their office, bringing Jonathan along because they want to meet him, the consultants gave me a detailed explanation, and discussing with me about the process, what will happen, the job scope, opportunities and potential adventures that Jonathan will have, and also answered many of my anxieties and worries. Jonathan was only 2 then, but throughout the whole interview, he never cried, and hardly fussed, which I took as a good sign. Afterwards, a photoshoot was scheduled so he can have a portfolio to show to clients. Since that small investment, Jonathan has grown beyond my expectations with the projects and jobs iModels Holdings has offered us. Everyday, he surprises me, be it with a skill,or with his self-confidence. iModels Holdings has not let me or Jonathan down, but the opposite. Because of iModels Holdings, Jonathan has learnt while having fun, met many fellow models and clients who loves him and are so endearing towards him, grew in both character and charm, all while doing what he loves most, which is to shine. Never have I thought of iModels Holdings as a scam. I feel like people who think that way, are obviously not prepared to become a model. Not every project or job will be yours to clinch, and you can't expect that you will be shortlisted for multiple projects all the time. I think the most important thing in this industry is to have the right attitude and work ethic, which I'm always actively trying to instill into Jonathan. I will not pressure Jonathan into doing something he doesn't like, and will let him stop whenever he really doesn't like to do modelling anymore. However, so far he has been loving it, thanks to iModels Holdings, and I hope he keeps up the enthusiasm and passion for modelling, what I feel he does best.

  8. To be a model in iModels, do you need to pay for your own portfolio? Or everything is paid by the company?

  9. Reason i choose to send my photos to iModels was because going through the internet and seeing everything, iModels was one of the Top Modelling agency in Singapore. So i decided to have to go with that. I happy with my project and thank to iModels Holdings.

  10. Modelling has benefited me in various different ways. It opens up doors, careers and different opportunities to meet with all those different international people. It is a great way to start and meet all the people. I truly recommend I Models Holdings.

  11. I am a full time model imodes holdings. They are 100% a true model and talent agency with biggest clients in singapore. Thanks for the projects guys. Looking more projects from you.

  12. Information really helps us a lot.

  13. After i was scouted on the road, i approach imodels holdings. Got selected for jobs and happy with my career. I models holdings continues its high level of quality and service.

  14. I like the modelling tips very much. Thank you jessica for such a beautiful tips.


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