Friday, 11 November 2016

IModels Holdings Reviews By Josephine

Model : Josephine

As usual, the iModels Holdings reviews for Josephine took place in the company’s studio. The student, who likes to play tennis, says she is very sporty and the likes the feel of exercising. Josephine got to know iModels when she was surfing the web and came across the photos of the company’s models online. She asked her father what the photos were about and her father told her that the photos are from a professional modeling agency known as iModels Holdings. Josephine was also asked by her father if she is interested in becoming a model, which she replied with a certain yes.

After doing much research, her father finally brought her down to the company for an interview. She was highly praised for her potential to be a child model and without too much hesitation, her father agreed and she joined the company. Josephine added that she has the confidence to be in modeling because she knows that she can be good at it. She added that she is the kind of person that never backs down, if someone else cannot do a certain thing, it does not mean that she cannot do it if she does not try, very commendable for her thoughts for someone her age.

She likes being a model as she is able to dress up nicely in front of the camera, and when she is dressed nicely, it gives her confidence to the job well. She also mentioned that being a model allows her to make new friends during the shoot and she gains confidence in herself. She went on to talk about her experience about a Bata Shoot project that she did, about how big the area was and how she gets to wear pretty clothes. She also praised the director for being friendly throughout and that made the atmosphere around the set lively. 

Josephine has a friend who is interested in becoming a model like her, so she recommended her friend to iModels Holdings. Undoubtedly, her friend is also part of the big modeling family now. To sum up the iModels Holdings reviews, she wants to thank the bookers and the makeup artist for constantly providing her the best service possible, she had a lot of fun and she hopes for many more projects to come.

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