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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Olivia - NTUC FairPrice

Models : Olivia

Check our Kids models Olivia projects wih NTUC Fairprice

Olivia in this new release NTUC Fairprice TV Commercial - English Version

Olivia in this new release NTUC Fairprice TV Commercial - Mandarin Version

Olivia for NTUC Foodfare TV Commercial - English Version

Olivia for NTUC Foodfare TV Commercial - Mandarin Version

Olivia for NTUC Learning TV Commercial - English Version

Olivia for NTUC Learning TV Commercial - Mandarin Version

Olivia for NTUC Health TV Commercial - English Version

Olivia for NTUC Health TV Commercial - Mandarin Version

Olivia for NTUC FairPrice TV Commercial - English Version

Olivia for NTUC FairPrice TV Commercial - Mandarin Version

Friday, 25 November 2016

5 quick and easy ways to turn your bad hair day the round

Don’t we just hate sulking over our bad hair days and have no idea how to fix it.  These 3 simple ways will help you turn your bad hair day around.

I’m sure we’ve all suffered a bad hair day or days where your hair just look bad and you’ve no idea why and how and in worst case scenarios we probably have something important to attend later in the day and have no time to hit the showers to ‘reset’ our hair. So, read on the find out 5 simple and easy ways on turning that bad hair day around.
  1. Tie it up!
    If your hair is long enough for a ponytail or a bun, just do it. A ponytail or a bun can never go wrong. I know, I know, some girls just can’t pull off the cute bun look, you can go for the ponytail. Anyone can rock a ponytail, like legit anyone. You can simply just tease your hair a little at the crown and give it some hairspray to get that volumnize ponytail look. Another way is the half bun,

  2. Change your hair parting
    If your partings are on the sides, try parting to another side and find the one that suits you best. You may find it more volumnize or better ‘wave’.
  3. Use a dry shampoo

    Not sure if you know but dry shampoo is every bad hair day’s savior. The ingredients inside the dry shampoo such as starch and alcohol is able to soak up all the oil and greasiness of your hair, adding along volume and a nice scent to it. 

    Tips while using a dry shampoo:
    - Spray your hair from a distance and not too close
    - Massage it gently onto your scalp after spraying to distribute evenly onto the hair.

  4. Braid it
    If your fringe or bangs are the one that’s causing that bad hair day, braid it into a side French braid bangs!

    The fifth step would be for the ultimate lazy(s), and you just want to hide it from the world.
  5. Wear a hat/cap!

    The ultimate solution for the extremely lazy people and still look cool. Not sure about you but I’ve always find people who wear hats give out this suspicious + attractive vibe, like you just want to see the face hidden beneath the cap.

      Say no more to feeling helpless on a bad hair day! Go forth and turn that bad hair day around children’ 

Friday, 11 November 2016

IModels Holdings Reviews By Josephine

Model : Josephine

As usual, the iModels Holdings reviews for Josephine took place in the company’s studio. The student, who likes to play tennis, says she is very sporty and the likes the feel of exercising. Josephine got to know iModels when she was surfing the web and came across the photos of the company’s models online. She asked her father what the photos were about and her father told her that the photos are from a professional modeling agency known as iModels Holdings. Josephine was also asked by her father if she is interested in becoming a model, which she replied with a certain yes.

After doing much research, her father finally brought her down to the company for an interview. She was highly praised for her potential to be a child model and without too much hesitation, her father agreed and she joined the company. Josephine added that she has the confidence to be in modeling because she knows that she can be good at it. She added that she is the kind of person that never backs down, if someone else cannot do a certain thing, it does not mean that she cannot do it if she does not try, very commendable for her thoughts for someone her age.

She likes being a model as she is able to dress up nicely in front of the camera, and when she is dressed nicely, it gives her confidence to the job well. She also mentioned that being a model allows her to make new friends during the shoot and she gains confidence in herself. She went on to talk about her experience about a Bata Shoot project that she did, about how big the area was and how she gets to wear pretty clothes. She also praised the director for being friendly throughout and that made the atmosphere around the set lively. 

Josephine has a friend who is interested in becoming a model like her, so she recommended her friend to iModels Holdings. Undoubtedly, her friend is also part of the big modeling family now. To sum up the iModels Holdings reviews, she wants to thank the bookers and the makeup artist for constantly providing her the best service possible, she had a lot of fun and she hopes for many more projects to come.

Check out our reviews at iModels Reviews

Monday, 31 October 2016

10 Simple Tips & Tricks for How To Pose Models

modelling agency singapore

As many of us know modeling is all about posing for the camera, be it photographs or videos. One of the main actions throughout the process of modeling is to pose! Posing is more than just moving the upper body, it is posing from head to toe. Creating angles from different perspectives, adding dimensions to your shots and making your frames count!

Have you ever wonder how those bloggers who are petite in size in real life but looks really lengthy and tall in pictures? Like oh my God how do they do it? Or fashion models who doesn't have curves but yet look so curvy like an hourglass on front covers of magazine spreads? Here are some tips and tricks on how to pose like a pro.
  1. Ever experience the awkward moment where you're unsure where to put your flimsy arms or hands when you're about to get your picture taken?
Here are a few steps on what you could do!
  • Place it on your hips!
By placing your hands on your hips and cross your knee a little, it doesn't just have a place for you to place your hands but also even make your hips look smaller. You can even open one of your legs a little wider and place on hand on your upper thigh and the other on your hip!
  • Cross one arm in, the other on the top and gently pull your chin down a little with your fingers
This helps create a suspicious look.
  • You can play with your hair (For female models)
Cross one arm and take the other free arm and create a 'L' shape then take your finger and twist a small strand of your hair, chin down a little and look straight at the camera. This creates a sexy, fierce, playful look. Very Victoria Secret-like.
  • Open your arms!
Open your arms and place your hands behind your neck, don't grab it! Just place it gently. Lift your chin a little (for smaller forehead), relax your lips and cross your knees for a smaller waist!
  1. Don't know how to position your legs?
Here's how:
  • Turn to your side and stick the inner leg out in a downright 'L' shape and the outer leg standing straight.
  • Cross know your knees in (to create the illusion of smaller hips)
  • Heels up and point your toes.
  • Widen your legs, one heel in and leg facing outwards. And the other just straight facing the camera.
  1. You can smile at the camera!
Your smile will always make any kinds of shot look jolly and pleasant to the eyes.

  1. 'Smize' like how Tyra Banks would say
Smile with your eyes to create energy, adding tension between you and the camera

  1. Slouching is a No-no on runway 
We want models to walk tall and poise as they storm down the runway, all eyes on you and the clothing you wear. Thus don't slouch as it will affect you and the brand's reputation.

  1. Always show your neck! Never hide your neck
By that it adds length to your body and fills up more spaces on the image.

  1. Your shoulders are your frame.
By turning your body a little and lift one of your shoulders up can power up and add elements to an image.

  1. Relax your mouth even if there would be an opening in between your lips.
It helps tone down the strength of the image, and relaxes the viewers' eye. Giving it a more sophisticated looking picture.

  1. Know where the light is! Awhhhhh *sound of heaven's doors opening*
It is unadvisedly to block light with props or even your own body parts. Because it will increase the F-stop of the image. Thus creating shadow on your face or your body, distracting viewers attention.

  1. Look towards where your nose is pointing
Your nose is more than just for breathing, it can also be use as a 'direction pointer' for your eyes on where to look instead looking everywhere your nose ain't pointing to. Minimizing awkwardness on the photo.

These are only tips and tricks but the only way to make it look effortless on photos is to practice, practice and practice. Be it at home in front of your mirror or even by recording it down in your camera. Practice, watch, improve and repeat. You can even get some inspirations by watching fashion shows like American's Next Top Model or International Fashion Weeks. Modelling is very practical, you can't learn just by reading articles or by glancing through magazine spreads. You got to work on it, don't play safe. Be courageous and try new poses. Work together with your photographer on set or your model trainer (if you have one) for some guides to correct and improve. Go crazy even if you have to! Psst, your favourite music playlist can help pump you up on set, allowing you to pose more than usual.

Okay ladies and men, now let's get in formation and slay your next modeling assignments.

 Find out more on how to become a Model. Visit their website at i Models Holdings Visit their YouTube channel iModels

Thursday, 27 October 2016

IModels Holdings Reviews By Jaylene

Model: Jaylene

modelling agency singapore

modelling agency singapore

Situated in iModels Holdings’ studio, the Jaylene made herself comfortable by sitting on a chair as the iModels Holdings reviews commenced. The homemaker started off by mentioning her hobbies, which include shopping and travelling. She then went on to say that she came to know about iModels through her daughter as a scout gave her daughter a namecard on the streets. Jaylene brought her daughter to the agency for an interview and everything went smoothly from there as she became one of the agency’s models as well.

She thought the company was a scam initially because she did not know anything about it, but during the process of the interview, the staff at the company explained to her exactly what the agency does and she was convinced afterwards. She stated that she likes being a model because as a homemaker herself, being a model is an eye-opener for her as she can be exposed to new things, be more confident, and see a new side of herself. She added that she can make more friends and dress up nicely while being a model, and the extra income earned is only secondary.

Jaylene also stated in the iModels Holdings reviews that being a model has not changed her life too much as she is still new in this industry and she is slowly adapting and learning more about modeling. With regards about the project she did for Singapore Sentosa Adventure Cove Waterpark, she was tasked to act as a grandmother, which was something very new to her as she is not a grandmother herself. It was a new experience and she hope that she will receive many different offers in the future to widen her knowledge of different fields.

She reckons that there is no harm trying to be a model because humans only live once and people should try out new things and experience a different way of life. She added that aspiring models should not misunderstand iModels Holdings for being a scam because the agency has a lot of big name clients and one will never know when he or she will make it big in the modeling industry. Lastly during the iModels Holdings reviews, Jaylene wants to thank the company’s bookers for getting her suitable projects, the makeup artist who did her makeup as well as everyone in the agency for being so friendly towards her. 

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

10 simple steps on achieving the ‘no make-up’ look that have been storming down runways

Now is the season of staying natural. Natural looks used to be just for the ‘everyday go to school’ look and wasn’t suitable for runways. Usually we would see bold and extravaganza make-up looks on the runway like bold colored eyeliner topped with glitters or deep smokey eyeshadows. But recent years from 2014-2016 we’ve seen the ‘no make-up’ make-up look dominate the international fashion weeks like recently at New York Fashion Week Spring 2017 (NYFW) as seen on high fashion brands like Michael Kors, Zac Posen, Alexander Wang and even Yeezy (Kanye’s Fashion Line)  

Figure 1 Michael Kors 2014 NYFW look

Figure 2 Alexander Wang NYFW Spring 2017 look

Figure 3 Zac Posen NYFW Spring 2017 Look

Figure 4 Yeezy's NYFW Spring 2017 look

We’re entering into times where we appreciate and value the art of minimalism more than ever. Applying the rule of ‘less is more’ into our everyday lives, being more comfortable with ourselves, wearing lesser make-up and apparels that are comfortable yet still fashionable. Fashion industry is now working towards conscious design. Emphasizing maximum comfortableness yet still remains stylish.

     The ‘no make-up’ makeup look is to promote enhancement of our own natural beauty. We are all born beautiful in our ways. So with this ‘no make-up’ makeup look trend going on, it does not just only enable female to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin but to also learn the art of makeup. Thus, encouraging more female to put on a decent amount of makeup instead of neglecting to put on any makeup at all or having the pressure to put on heavy makeup where there’s no need to.

     Moreover, the neutral make-up look is also perfect for model castings. Clients would always appreciate a model who comes into casting looking simple yet beautiful. Is a plus points if you have healthy looking skin especially for runway modelling. Your skin tend to glow a little more as you walk down the runway.

    To achieve the healthy and neutral look. Make-up can only do 60% of the work, the other 40% comes from taking good care of your own skin by having a facial regimen. Make it a habit to wash your face after showering and before heading to bed. It is recommended to do it twice a day or at least once before you head to bed.

So here are a few basic steps on how to achieve that.

  1. Cleansing
    Make sure your makeup is removed (if you have any on) and use your preferred cleanser. But if you don’t know any, you can try out the Neutrogena deep clean foaming cleanser to wash your face. It is a refreshing cleanser that cleanses deep down to pores providing long-lasting oil control and smooth, soft skin. It is applicable towards oily skin as well as it is oil free.
    Figure 5 Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser S$10.50 available at Watsons or Guardian
  2. Toning  and Moisturizing 

    You got to close your facial pores after cleansing them. It is also very important to moisturize your face before applying any sort of make-up as it helps by giving your face a more hydrated look instead of it being dry and oily. If you’re a Garnier fan, you’d know them for their Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion that can be bought from any drugstore near you.  The Garnier Sakura white pinkish radiance essence lotion helps the skin at reaching maximum absorbance of moisture and boosts skin rosiness and transparency, enriched with sakura extract.
    Figure 6 Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion. S$14.32 available at Guardian and Watson
  3. Apply foundation
    Foundation acts as a base colour before putting anything else. Be sure to pick a base colour that is similar to your skin tone and not something far off as it helps to even out our uneven facial skin tone and to even cover up our flaws as well. If you’re on a budget and hoping to get something really good at the same time. You can check out the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream. It doesn’t just uneven out your skin tone but it works as a sunscreen as well! It’s a 3-in-1 product, don’t we love products that are able to do many wonders at the same time? So we don’t have to buy so many products to just satisfy every single one of our needs and even burn a hole in our purses. Not to mention, Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream is only S$18.90.
    Figure 8 Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB cream for only S$18.90 available at Guardian
  4. Conceal don’t feel, don’t let them knowNext, conceal your facial imperfections. Let’s all have a moment of gratitude that someone amazing invented concealer so we can hide away our facial imperfections today. Our go to choice of concealer is the Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer. It is extremely user friendly as it comes in 6 different shades to fit our diversity of race and skin colour. Furthermore, this liquid concealer is an award-winning top seller! This waterproof concealer powered by Maracuja covers redness, dark spots and discolorations while flawlessly radiate and brighten up our skin complexion.

    *What is Maracuja?

    Maracuja means ‘passion fruit’ in the Portuguese language. The Maracuja is rich with antioxidants, minerals, vitamin C and A, and fiber. It helps our bodies to resist against flu-like infectious agents. Furthermore, it also helps improve and maintain healthy looking skin.

  5. Up the brow game
    Our eyebrows are one of the most important elements of our face. Try imagining a face without a pair of brows. There would be no frame to our face and our expressions wouldn’t be obvious for people to notice. It’s important to keep our eyebrows in shape as it gives out young and fresh look so here’s our go to eyebrow tool! We can up our brow game through many ways but we prefer a mix of traditional and modern tool for them, the Nudestix eyebrow stylus. It is a stunning waterproof 2-in-1 brow tool that comes with a precision pencil and clear strong-hold gel to hold our brows without them looking untidy. This power duo brow stylus will help you achieve your eyebrow goals in a matter of few seconds! Just style them by drawing and set them with the brow gel. Not to mention it comes in 4 different shades to suit different brow colours all around the globe and an eco-packaged, collectible tin, with convenient large mirror when we’re in a middle of nowhere with no mirrors for us.
    Figure 10 Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus in Brown. S$37 available at Sephora only
  6.  Make your eyelash hella’ fly

    Next, we got to puff up our eyelashes with an eyelash curler and some mascara as it helps to brighten our eyes and make us look more awake! We promise that this mascara won’t make your purses run dry. This mascara is able to fan out all of your lashes without missing a single strand. For the eyelash curler, you don’t have to splurge or something expensive. As long as it gets the job done, it’s good enough. But if you have the cash for it, you can try getting the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler for S$30 at Sephora or Shu Uemua’s store itself.
    Figure 11 Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. S$30 available at Sephora

    Figure 12 Maybelline Lash Sensational Full Fan Effect. S$21.90 available at Watsons and Guardian

  7. Blush them apple cheeks

    We’re almost there! Is always pleasant to see a little pinkish on ladies’ cheeks no matter what. Real blush caused by blood gushing through our cheeks or cosmetic blush they all look good. You girls are going to be so excited for this product. It’s being rater top 10 best blushes you can get on the market by Many Youtubers have also raved about it because is so pigmented and afforable!  They’re available in a few array of shades to suit our taste and skin tone. Here’s the Wet n Willd blush, 
    Figure 13 Wet n Wild Blush. S$8.90 available at Sasa

  8. Colour your lips

    For the lips, you could put on many kinds of lip cosmetics on it and still remain natural looking. You can either just apply your favourite lip balm, tint or you can gloss it with something nude shade looking. So your clients won’t be distracted by the siren red lip. If you want to have a hint of colour, you can try out the Nyx Butter Gloss in Madeleine. It’s perfect for castings and everyday use. It comes in a nice cookie smell too, I urge you to at least try smelling it. You will not regret, trust me.
    Figure 14 Nyx Butter Gloss in Madeleine. S$11 available at Sephora.

  9. Set your makeup

    If you’re going for castings, you’re going to expect the long hours of que so you surely wouldn’t want your makeup to fade off. You can set them with a setting spray, is really a simple step. I highly recommend the Nyx Make-up Setting Spray with dewy finish. I’ve tried other ways like setting powders and spray but nothing satisfy my skin more than the Nyx make-up setting spray. I’ve been using for years now and it keeps my makeup on throughout the day as I walk under the sun, work, after work activities like going out for drinks. It’s perfect for any kinds of skin condition, my T-zone on the face gets a little oily hence I use the dewy finish so it wouldn’t make it look oiler and keeps my face fresh and healthy looking. 
    Figure 15 Nyx Make-up Setting Spray with Dewy Finish. S$14 available at Sephora

  10. Drink lots of water and eat clean

    According to University of of Wisconsin-Madison, it is important to drink sufficient amount of water daily to have a radiant, healthy, younger- looking skin. Moreover, the food you eat has a large effect on your skin as well. Based on Clean Eating Magazine, it is recommended have minimal consumption of sweet things as it helps on axing our acne issues. They even recommended the public to eat food that are enriched with Omega-3 (eg: Salmon) and gluten free like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats and fish as it helps on providing the nutrients your skin need to stay and look lively at all times. 

Thursday, 20 October 2016

IModels Holdings Reviews By Diana

Model : Diana
modelling agency singapore
model agency singapore

Speaking for iModels Holdings Reviews, Diana was in the studio during the iModels Holdings Reviews interview. The student, whose hobby is to eat and go shopping, mentioned during the testimonial that she followed iModels’ Instagram and saw a post regarding casting call for a certain project. Feeling inquisitive, Diana decided to call up the company and head down for an interview. She was provided information about what the company does and the kind of jobs that she can expect if she decides to join the company. After thinking through, Diana decided to give it a try and join the agency.

Here she is, doing a testimonial during iModels Holdings Reviews, she did not think it was a scam from the beginning despite rumours flying around the internet depicting iModels as a scam company. Diana was unfazed by all the untrue statements that were going around the internet because she knows what the company can provide for her, which includes reputable projects based on other testimonials that she found online. After joining the company, she got some casting calls from reputable clients and was able to participate in them, contrary to what others have mentioned in the internet saying that iModels do not offer their models projects. She was convinced that the company is legitimate.

Diana was questioned why she wants to be a model and her reply was that being a model allows her to look beautiful and it trains her to be more confident in front of others, notably during catwalks in front of the public. She thinks that confidence is a very important aspect for her, because having high confidence will allow her to stand out from the average and also allow her to be more sociable, thus broadening her social network.

Diana added that the staffs at iModels are very friendly and approachable, so much so to the extent that she thinks of them as one big family- whenever she needs help, she can give a call to them and they will be there to assist her. She feels very comfortable in iModels because of the environment- quiet and peaceful, so it allows the models to learn and focus on the task at hand.

Lastly during the iModels Holdings Reviews, Diana wants to thank the make-up artist, photographer and the bookers for constantly keeping her updated with the upcoming projects and casting calls. She calls for the aspiring models to join iModels no matter the age, gender, religion and race.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

iModels Talent & Modeling Agencies Reviews - Nufail’s

Model: Nufail

Nufail introduced himself as a twenty-five year old student who likes to go to Trampoline Park during his free time during the iModels Reviews. He got to know iModels when a scout from the company approached him at Orchard Road. He mentioned that he does not usually entertain scouts and on that day when the scout approached him, he felt skeptical towards the company, at the same time nervous. Initially, he thought that the company was a scam because there were numerous scam cases in Singapore that time and furthermore, he did not hear of the company’s name before. However, he took the company’s namecard after all and went for the interview. He was requested to fill up a form before the interview to let the interviewer access to see if he is right for the company, despite feeling uncertain, he filled up the form and proceeded with the interview anyway.

Nufail mentioned that he loves being a model during the iModels Reviews as he is able to express himself to other people and he feels that it is a form of art that could be interesting because of how messages can be conveyed through different expressions. Not only that, being a model has allowed Nufail to gain knowledge about how he expresses himself, how he pose and build up his confidence level in front of the camera. Interestingly, he thinks that being a model allows him to find out about nice places to shoot. Due to the social media trends like Facebook and Instagram, people are constantly posting pictures about the places they have been to, and Nufail sees modeling as an opportunity to find out these “worthy” places to go to for a snap and upload to his social media sites. Of course, he knows how to be professional during shoots and will not let the sceneries affect the quality of his work.

Nufail mentioned during the iModels  Reviews about his modeling experience recently with Uber and he stated how he made new friends from neighbouring countries like Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. He was pleased with the experience because it was his first shoot and everything went smoothly despite adverse weather conditions due to rain. He advised people who are still contemplating about joining iModels to just give it a go and try out because there is nothing to lose. He added the fact that meeting new friends, gaining new experience and knowledge is something that he will never forget and he urged everyone to explore and join iModels. To further emphasize his points, he admitted that he was nervous and skeptical at first but after getting good job and modeling offers, he was surprised by the efficiency of the company as well as meeting friendly consultants in the company who dealt with his skepticism.

Lastly for the iModels  Reviews, he wants to thank his bookers for getting him the job offers, the photographer who helped him set up his portfolio as well as the make-up artists who made him look fabulous during shoots. He urged everyone to stay positive and work towards the dream.

Friday, 30 September 2016

iModelsHoldings Reviews by Mikelle

Model : Mikelle

The 22 years old student was in the photography studio during the short iModelsHoldings Reviews when she mentioned about her thoughts and feelings about being a model with iModels. She started by introducing herself with a smile and proceeded to speak about her hobbies which included watching movies and cooking. She mentioned that she got to know iModels when she was approached on the streets by a scout from the company. The scout told her that she has the potential to be a model and she decided to join afterwards. She felt honoured when she was approached as she was still young and insecure that time but it did make her feel more confident about herself.

She was a little skeptical about the company but her father accompanied her for the interview to make her feel at ease. After the interview, her father thought that everything was legit and he gave his approval for Mikelle to join the company, and everything proceeded well since then. She likes being a model because she feels respected and appreciated during her work, but most importantly, being a model made her very beautiful as a woman and it boosted her confidence as well as social learning skills tremendously after the experience.

She added during the iModelsHoldings Reviews that she is able to speak more openly and be proud of herself after her experiences with iModels which includes Singapore Airshow 2014 and 2016 as well as a handshoot for Samsung for Samsung Pay. She had the chance to meet other people during these experiences and she was able to socialize and make friends with them. She also learnt to be patient after the event and shoot as she had to wait for her turn.

Lastly for iModelsHoldings Reviews, she expressed that the staff at iModels are very friendly and makes her feel at ease and comfortable. She is friendly towards the staff and the staffs made her feel confident. She wants to thank her bookers for giving her the opportunities and she is already looking forward to the next one. She also wants to relay her thanks to her make-up artist during the iModelsHoldings Reviews for making her look gorgeous everytime.

Monday, 26 September 2016

iModels Holdings Reviews testimonial - Ornella

Model : Ornella

Ornella is seven years old and she likes to go out with family and practice gymnastics. During the iModels Holdings Reviews testimonial, it was mostly Ornella’s mother, Paola, who did the speaking. To start things off for iModels Holdings Reviews, she stated that she knew about iModels after doing her research online regarding modeling agencies. She came to know about iModels as it is one of the top searches when it comes to modeling. As a result, she decided to bring Ornella down to iModels to see for herself. She was convinced by the staffs in the company with regards to the range of projects the company offers. She thought that the people were nice and she felt comfortable throughout. Obviously, she did not think that it was a scam because she did her research and after talking to the staffs, she felt that it is the right place for Ornella to showcase herself.

Ornella added herself that she likes modeling because she likes to take photos, and Paola stated that it has allowed Ornella to learn to be patient and work with people, while not forgetting to have fun during the process. Paola noticed that after doing modeling, Ornella is now more focused and conscious about walking properly as well as meeting datelines, which made her very pleased.

Speaking about Ornella’s experience in the DNATA advertisement and Changi Airport in the lounge during iModels Holdings Reviews, Paola felt that it was great despite a lengthy six hours of work. It was a brand new experience for both herself and Ornella to meet many nice people as well as learning what goes behind the scenes during a shoot.

Paola was questioned during iModels Holdings Reviews if she will recommend iModels to anyone, and she said yes without hesitation because they are happy with the company and the company supported them well. She is very concerned with how the company treats her daughter because it is only natural that mothers worry for their child, working with iModels puts her worry aside as the company treated her daughter favourably and offers many projects to Ornella. Paola thinks that iModels knows the industry very well and is serious about providing the best for their models. In conclusion, Paola wants to thank everyone in the company for providing the best services at the highest professionalism for her and Ornella.

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