Monday, 26 September 2016

iModels Holdings Reviews testimonial - Ornella

Model : Ornella

Ornella is seven years old and she likes to go out with family and practice gymnastics. During the iModels Holdings Reviews testimonial, it was mostly Ornella’s mother, Paola, who did the speaking. To start things off for iModels Holdings Reviews, she stated that she knew about iModels after doing her research online regarding modeling agencies. She came to know about iModels as it is one of the top searches when it comes to modeling. As a result, she decided to bring Ornella down to iModels to see for herself. She was convinced by the staffs in the company with regards to the range of projects the company offers. She thought that the people were nice and she felt comfortable throughout. Obviously, she did not think that it was a scam because she did her research and after talking to the staffs, she felt that it is the right place for Ornella to showcase herself.

Ornella added herself that she likes modeling because she likes to take photos, and Paola stated that it has allowed Ornella to learn to be patient and work with people, while not forgetting to have fun during the process. Paola noticed that after doing modeling, Ornella is now more focused and conscious about walking properly as well as meeting datelines, which made her very pleased.

Speaking about Ornella’s experience in the DNATA advertisement and Changi Airport in the lounge during iModels Holdings Reviews, Paola felt that it was great despite a lengthy six hours of work. It was a brand new experience for both herself and Ornella to meet many nice people as well as learning what goes behind the scenes during a shoot.

Paola was questioned during iModels Holdings Reviews if she will recommend iModels to anyone, and she said yes without hesitation because they are happy with the company and the company supported them well. She is very concerned with how the company treats her daughter because it is only natural that mothers worry for their child, working with iModels puts her worry aside as the company treated her daughter favourably and offers many projects to Ornella. Paola thinks that iModels knows the industry very well and is serious about providing the best for their models. In conclusion, Paola wants to thank everyone in the company for providing the best services at the highest professionalism for her and Ornella.


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