Monday, 13 July 2015

iModelsHoldings‬ not a scam / fake, Ray have shared about ‪‎iModelsHoldings

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Here is what ‪‎Ray have shared about ‪‎iModelsHoldings‬.

How did you get to know about imodels?
Ans: Talked about iModelsHoldings‬ Agency, my friends invited me to go for the iModels and check it out what is iModelsHoldings‬ agency like. So i found out that iModelsHoldings‬ is quite a good modelling agency that are more experiences in those lifestyle shooting.

Did you initially think that we were a 'scam'?

Initially yes but at last, i receive quite a number of projects from bookers and the schedule was quite flexible and i am glad that i am part of the agency.

How has Modelling changed your life?
Ans: Everyone can be a model, basically a smile, is a model of an image. And this let me gain more experience about how a model's lifestyle like and to take care of my image.

Dear Ray, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!"

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