Thursday, 20 October 2016

IModels Holdings Reviews By Diana

Model : Diana
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Speaking for iModels Holdings Reviews, Diana was in the studio during the iModels Holdings Reviews interview. The student, whose hobby is to eat and go shopping, mentioned during the testimonial that she followed iModels’ Instagram and saw a post regarding casting call for a certain project. Feeling inquisitive, Diana decided to call up the company and head down for an interview. She was provided information about what the company does and the kind of jobs that she can expect if she decides to join the company. After thinking through, Diana decided to give it a try and join the agency.

Here she is, doing a testimonial during iModels Holdings Reviews, she did not think it was a scam from the beginning despite rumours flying around the internet depicting iModels as a scam company. Diana was unfazed by all the untrue statements that were going around the internet because she knows what the company can provide for her, which includes reputable projects based on other testimonials that she found online. After joining the company, she got some casting calls from reputable clients and was able to participate in them, contrary to what others have mentioned in the internet saying that iModels do not offer their models projects. She was convinced that the company is legitimate.

Diana was questioned why she wants to be a model and her reply was that being a model allows her to look beautiful and it trains her to be more confident in front of others, notably during catwalks in front of the public. She thinks that confidence is a very important aspect for her, because having high confidence will allow her to stand out from the average and also allow her to be more sociable, thus broadening her social network.

Diana added that the staffs at iModels are very friendly and approachable, so much so to the extent that she thinks of them as one big family- whenever she needs help, she can give a call to them and they will be there to assist her. She feels very comfortable in iModels because of the environment- quiet and peaceful, so it allows the models to learn and focus on the task at hand.

Lastly during the iModels Holdings Reviews, Diana wants to thank the make-up artist, photographer and the bookers for constantly keeping her updated with the upcoming projects and casting calls. She calls for the aspiring models to join iModels no matter the age, gender, religion and race.


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