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iModels Reviews KEIKO - Watch KEIKO Reviews about iModels

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Here is what KEIKO have shared about iModelsHoldings 

Why did you choose iModelsHoldings ?
Ans: Actually previously i was scouted quite a few times from iModelsHoldings as well, so i actually went on to the website to find out more about the agency. And i think compared to some other agencies, iModels is pretty professional so i was quite keen to join iModelsHoldings .

What do you like about iModelsHoldings ?
Ans: I like it that the agents are very friendly, like compared to some other stories that i heard from my friends about other agencies where the agents are actually very mean. The agents here actually trust the models a lot, and i also like it that they actually provide a lot of training, like for example, before some Fashion show, they will actually teach the models how are you suppose to walk, when are you suppose to pose, and ya.

What do you enjoy most about modelling?
Ans: In Modeling, you get to meet a lot of different people and walk for a lot of different kinds of jobs and events. So, it is actually a very exciting experience for me to try out a lot of different stuff, that is why i enjoy modelling a lot.

What was your most memorable job experience?
Ans: Okay, so iModelsHoldings actually has given me a lot of opportunities like Fashion show, Tv commercial, events.. But i have to say my most memorable one will be this indoor lingerie show. It is actually most memorable because i didn't really expect myself to go for this job but then this job have actually helped me to be more aware of my body. Like when i walk, pose and look. And also be a lot more confident of myself.

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