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imodelsholdings scam / fake? Listen in Michael reviews

Hi, Michael. Can you do a short introduction of yourself?

My name is Michael. I am an Author and I enjoy reading, writing and also referencing.

So Michael, how did you get to know about i models holdings?

I was approached in the Yishun underpass and they gave me a call about a week later and I came in to the interview and decided to Sign up.

So Michael, can you share with us your experiences as a model?

For Tv Shoots, I did a couple of Tv shows. I did Serangoon Road for HBL and I did Mata Mata for Mediacorp. Just recently, I also done a corporate shoot for the Singapore authority.

 I also done some print shoots. I did a Guakoland shoot. I did a undercover boss shoot. And I have done a few other things as well. As for events, which I think it was fun. I did a James Bond event, Where I was playing James Bond giving roses to nurses. And I also did a Guinness event.

So Michael, what was your most memorable job?

The most memorable job was probably the nurse shoot. Where I was playing as James Bond. I really like that event. It was very nice. It was for Nurses Day. ses as part of the Nurses Day celebration they were having. So, all the nurses were going into the lunch room and I was interacting with them and giving them roses. And it was just a lot of fun. So I really enjoyed that.

So Michael, what are some modelling tips that you have?

The first tip is that your booker is your best friend. And your closes alliance. So you should always be friendly with them and treat them with respect because, they were the one who were making everything happen. Second, is that when you are on the shoot, you are part of a team. And you should be a team player while you were there. Try to help everyone out as much as you can and make everybody's life easier. And the third is, you should try to answer and meet the client's needs. Sometimes the client isn't sure what they need, especially in events. And you should try to give them what they need. Even if they don't know what they need.

So Michael, What are the three benefits of working with us?

First is meeting all sorts of new and interesting people. You see all sorts of people from all sorts of backgrounds and that's always fun and exciting. And, in additional I get to see all sorts of cool and interesting stuff. I got to see a product that was blasting water across the other side of the ships. Which was incredibly cool. And, an addition to that every shoot is a new experience.

And so, I am always getting challenged in a way because the needs of the clients are always different.

So Michael, What new project you will be featuring in?

Later this month, i will be in an Nespresso event and i will be playing as a Italian farmer. Which should be cool and fun.

So Michael, What's the differences between iModels and the other agencies?

Well, the main different that I notice is that i worked with other agency in the past and they didn't really get me any job. So iModels is consistently got me work and that's what I am here for. So, I am happy.

So Michael, Did you initially think that i Models Holdings is a 'scam'?

Definitely No, I had concerns. I did some research. Figured it was an acceptable risk even though it was very lightly. And then, after joining they got me plenty of jobs.So, I am happy.

So Michael, is there anything you'd like to add?

Yes. Thank you to my i Models Holdings bookers. You guys always had great jobs for me. And, I am very very grateful for that and I've had a great time in this field. I had a great time in this company.
I am happy to be here and I am happy to be continue moving forward.

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