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I Models Holdings Reviews - Riki G & Ami G

Models :  Riki G & Ami G

i Models Holdings

Hi my name is Riki...Hi my name is Ami

Riki do you like modeling and why?

Yes, I like modeling because it makes me feel brave and I think I have grown a lot being brave

Ami do you like modeling and why?

Yes because it’s fun

Riki what are your experiences here in I ModelsHoldings?

I been on advertisements "Let's Think about it"

i Models Holdings

i Models Holdings

Ami what about you?

I have done “Symphony of the City”

Riki have your friends said anything about it?

Yea, my friends said it’s very cool

Do you learn anything about it?

Well I learnt not to be jealous because I already have a device but I really wanted another device in my commercial ad

Riki what are your interests?

One of my interests are playing soccer and drawing

Ami what are your interests?

Playing with my friends and drawing

Let talk with Riki G & Ami G father


Hello, my name is James, I am Riki , Ami’s dad

What do you think about their performance?

So for the performance I thought they did really a good job

For Riki, he did his part .He did a very good job listening to what the director said

The director will say something like look over here, look at the boy playing with the ipad and Riki will have to respond to that and do those actions.

So he did really a good job with listening and following the directions.

For Ami, she did her part. There was another little boy that was with her and the boy was younger. So he needed you know needed to follow somebody. So he looks to Ami and he really followed what Ami is doing. So that is really good that she can be a role model.

Any improvement that they can improve on?

Yes for Riki was his first time doing it and so it was very helpful and useful for him to come in and take directions and take time.

He took a couple of hours for the entire shoot and he was observing , looking at all different actors, the different personnel that were there and were helping him and he really learnt a lot on what he needs to do and how he can be better for the next time.

How do you get to know about i Models Holdings?

So, actually we were walking to the MRT station and one of your model scots, kind of pull me to the side and told me about the opportunity and my wife and I decided, talked about it and we decided that we will give it a shot and it’s worked out.

Do you have any concerns before joining iModelsHoldings?

Yes so I guess one concern that we had was you know whether are not we will be able to fit the shoots into their schedule of course both going to school and I was just concerned if we would have to pull out of the school too often and those kind of things but it really worked out so that the times of the shoot they have been flexible enough.

Describe their character?

Riki’s character is really friendly. He is friendly to everybody. He likes to joke around a lot. He likes to make people happy, make people smile and he also like to tease his little sister a lot.
Ami is really sweet girl. Sometimes she can be shy but once she warms up she is very familiar and sometimes she teases her big brother.

Sir is there anything you like to add?

Yea I guess I would like to say that you know kind of looking at the whole process everything. It must have been a positive experience and I know that Riki has learnt a lot. He is ready to do more things with this not just within modeling but also I can see that how he will act in school.
Ami definitely I would say that she learnt how to act and be in front of people. That really helps them.

Dear Riki G & Ami G, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!"

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