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I Models Holdings - Is It Scam? Watch What Regina Is Saying

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Can you do a short self-introduction of yourself ( Regina)?

My name is Regina. R, E, G, I, N, A. And my interest are, i would say, i like running, exercising and I like eating as well, who doesn't like especially cupcakes and cakes. Who doesn't like sugar and butter honestly. I like sleeping as well. Not really sure whether is it part of like an interest, But, I'll just put it in there.Just not be so particular about it. I am still a student. Actually just freshly graduated out of poly and now taking a gap year to see what can i do and...Ya, see where it flows. I guess.

how did you get to know about us?

I was actually scouted when i was walking down Orchard Road and somebody from i Models Holdings approached me. They said they were from iModels and they was talking to me. So, i was, oh, okay. Didn't really thought of it much But, i was just like ya why not just give it a chance and drop by and see how it goes. so, it has brought me to it now. So, i guess, it's okay.

Regina, how do you feel when you were approached by iModels?

I guess i was, initial i was shock. Like, Oh, who is his stranger trying to get close to me. But, other then that, they are, When they explained where she is from, and she is talking to me about all this. I guess it was more of like Oh, okay, i feel honored in a way like. Oh, okay, i am pretty enough to do that, i guess. So, ya, basically just shocked and I was happy and kind of excited. Maybe abit doubtful. But, mostly excited i would say.

Can you share with us your experiences as a model at i Models Holdings?

It's very fulfilling actually. I worked with a lot of different companies and the experience was really, really I can't really explain, i can't really put a...It's just so fulfilling and so exciting at the same time. Like i have worked with M1 before. I have worked with Citibank on a online commercial. I worked with Milo the campaign. I did events for Clarins, It's just so amazing like Like where i can go from here and Working with different people definitely help increase my experience and also exposure. I learnt a lot on set and they taught me a lot as well. Super fulfilling and very interesting. I like where this is going basically.

Do you initially think that iModelsHoldings is a 'scam'?

Initially...Ya. Sort of. Because, I guess there was a lot of reviews on the internet about i Models Holdings. And also from my friends. Which got the same kind of, scouted when i was walking along Orchard Road that kind. So,  ya, i kind of feel a bit like okay... Very doubtful... But i came in, and try to put this behind But it's still... i will think about it. And, when i went through with everything I was still doubtful. i won't say i was super confident. That, oh, this is not. So, a bit doubtful. But when i got my first few jobs then i kind of think like Hey, actually is not that bad. People might have their own opinion. But, it is actually not that bad. I got a few jobs.And soon after i got more and I've got castings. And, which really increase my experience and also my portfolio. And, don't believe everything you read.Just actually be there in person. Talk to the people there and get to know them. Actually get to know the company first. Before trying to Pin point that, oh this is a bad company.Try to do it first. Before saying anything else.

what did you learn from joining our agency?

A lot. I would say. Mainly like how things work in this industry. Because i remembered like the first time i got a job Because it was my first time. So, i went in, i didn't know what to do I remembered when i went in for the casting I didn't know what to wear as well. Like, i was given a simple like critical of like Oh, Formal Casual. But, technically, sometimes when you are nervous you don't really know that, what is formal casual actually. Is jeans formal casual? That kind of thing, but overtime, i learnt that, oh okay, so casting is kind of like that. What they will expect me to do. And have to be prepared. Like just make sure that i'm confident enough. Because sometimes when you are there There are a lot of beautiful people around so, sometimes you get very low self-confident when you look at them. But, you have to be confident in what you can actually show What you can do and also all the technical skills of like Posing, looking at the camera. I guess like your good side How to interact with people and ya, just  overall quite a lot. Like inter-personnel skill as well. All these really, Is a good experience and i really did learn a lot.

What are the modelling tips that you have?

I guess be professional. So as in, When your casting time is at 3 pm, come at like 3 pm Or come at like 245 pm So, just be professional in terms of timing.Like don't be late.  And i think other than that it would be just, Confident. Like i said before During casting you will see a lot of people who are Taller than you, that are Skinner than you, that are prettier than you Ya, you will see this kind of people and sometimes you will feel like Awww, i think i might not be able to get it. But you haven't even enter the casting and did what the photographer want you to do yet So, just always keep up that hope and be confident about yourself And, what you can show and give. Just be confident and go in because Some people might want to look for a certain style And they might not want to go for that pretty Or really tall and skinny model. They might just want you. So, just be confident and be punctual.

Regina, is there anything you'd like to add?

Overall, it's an amazing experience for me. And, I really want to thank all the bookers,  like i know it's really hard on them to push you to a lot of companies, a lot of castings and, it's really hard work for them. So, Thank you, thank you so much for that And ya, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity for so many projects and never giving up on me. I think that's the main thing. Like sometimes i fail but they will keep pushing me and try to encourage me to do more. I really really thank them so much.

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