Sunday, 3 April 2016

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I Models Model : DAN

Question: Hi Dan! Can you do a introduction of yourself?

Answer: Hi! My name is Dan and I like playing rugby and soccer as they are my hobbies.I come from ACS Junior and i study there.

Question: So Dan, Do you think i Models scam?

Answer: No i never think its a scam.

Question: So Dan, what are your experiences here  at i Models Holdings as a model?

Answer:I did two photoshoots for Pixta and one short video which is called "Let's think about it".

one short video which is called "Let's think about it".

Question: So Dan, do you like modelling?

Yes! I like modelling as i like to take photograph and i think it's fun.

Question: So Dan, which modelling job do you like the most?

I like the "Let's think about it" video as i get to play the video games and they just need to film me.

Question: So Dan, did your friends say anything about it?

Yes, they saw me in the "Let's think about it" video and they asked me about it when I am in school.

Question: So Dan, what did you learn during the process of being an model ?

I learn from the "Let's think about it" shoot not to be greedy and we should be grateful of what we have.

Lets Talk to Dan's Mother now.

Hi hello I am Jon and I am Dan's mother. How i get to know i Models is that one day we were actually at Bugis Junction. So we were dashing through the crowds because he was hungry and then somebody just stopped us and ask whether he is interested to be a model. And that's how we come to know about i models.

Question: So do you have any concerns before joining us?

I guess as long as he enjoys it it's absolutely okay for us. So, and, if it doesn't clash with his school work. So, we asked him and he is very much interested to do it because it can be a very good exposure for him to try out since his sister is into theatre. So, that's how we actually came to find out a little bit more and, he enjoys it, he agrees to it. so we just give it a try.

Question: So Dan, is there anything you'd like to add?

I do like modelling and I hope to have more jobs in the future.


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