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iModelsHoldings Real? Check out from Rose

iModels Model : Rose



Hi, I'm Rose. I'm 28 years old. I work as a psychologist. My hobbies are travelling, and cafe hopping.

Q: How did you get to know about iModels?

Well, I got to know about iModels 10 years ago. A staff from iModels approached me. He persuaded me to join iModels. However, back then I was in JC, I was unable to commit myself. Right now, 10 years after, here I am!

Q: Did you have any doubts or fears before you join?

Not really, 10 years ago I was really young, in my own world, had my own commitments, so I didn't really think much about the modeling industry.

Q: What, specifically, is your favorite part of modeling and why?

My favorite part of modeling is interacting and  fraternising with the other models, and I've met many such friends.

Q: So what is one of the most memorable job you did?

To date, most memorable shoot would be my Canon shoot, where I got to know other models, and we were able to forge a friendship outside of work. Truly enjoy that.


Q: How is your experience so far with iModels?

The team at iModelsHoldings is very caring and they're very efficient with the work and assignments.

Q: How has modeling changed your life or personality?

I care about my image so much more than I used to, but in a positive way. I strive to bring out the best in me, instead of emulating other people.

Q: If you were to recommend us to aspiring models, what would you say?

Try something new everyday, if modeling is in your bucket list, it's high time to rule it out, so, pick a runway.

Q: Is modeling stressful?

Not at all! If you enjoy the lights, the camera and meeting new people, it can be quite theraputic.

Q: What types of projects are you interested in doing in the future?

I particularly like print ads, because I feel like they capture a particular definite moment, very succinctly, and it's something I get to keep forever. And I get to stare at it, look at it. Whereas like TV commercials tend to go on for a few seconds, and well, it doesn't capture and leave much to the audiences' imagination.

Q: Do you think modeling is affecting your work?

Of course not, because modeling is an outlet for me to de-stress, so I think it kind of compliments my life, rather than affect it.

Q: One word or phrase to describe your relationship with us.

If I have to boil it down to one word, it would be, 'Cordial', because imodelsHoldings very warm and friendly, and they are able to cater to and accomodate all the different models, very well.

Q: Who is your role model?

I don't have a role model, but if I had to pick one within the modeling industry, it would be Cara Delevinge, for her quirky character.

Q: What do you think about our services?

They are very flexible, and they try to accomodate my requests such as having shoots outside working hours.

Q: Do you have any modeling tips you will like to share?

iModelsHoldings real. It's always good to carry your own make-up.


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