Tuesday, 19 May 2015

iModels Holdings Reviews - Modelling Agency Testimonial - Gonzaga

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Gonzaga is one of our imodels in imodelsholdings. He would like to share his experience in imodels.

How did you get to know about iModelsHoldings?

Ans: My first meeting with iModelsHoldings is at Orchard MRT station, because one day i came from Chinese garden for a dinner. And a girl told me to be a model and she gave me her name card. This is my first time meeting with iModelsHoldings Agency.

How did you feel when you were approached?

Ans: I feel fine but a little bit nervous because i think that the world is different, is for a few people only. But i'm very good because the staff is very friendly so very good and this is the most important thing because you are always working with the staff and make me feel very good.

What was your most memorable job at iModels?

Ans: My last job here in the agency, which is a fashion show. The cat walk, i like it very much, i love it, it is incredible. It's been a very long time i woke up 6am in the morning- we start at 7am, and with make up, stylist.. It is very very fun, and i meet different people from different countries... Really really good and fun.

What do you like best about being a model?

Ans: This is a good question, hahaha, i think i like to know a lot of people and learn about cultures and who knows maybe one day you can wake up and see your picture in a mall. But i think it is a very good experience and a dream.

Dear Gonzaga, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!"

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