Monday, 25 May 2015

iModelsHoldings Scam? Local Female Model Kavita, in her own words.

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Absolutely Not! One of my colleague in the office had recommended iModelsHoldings and I decided to give it a try to earn extra income and explore my passion in modelling. My initial journey in modelling was not easy. There was so much to learn right from how to give auditions and select a correct assignment. iModelsHoldings staff had been very helpful for my modelling journey. The consultant had smoothly explained the rules in modeling industry that everything was so simple and clear.

Through their guidance and explanation I was motivated to proceed with my first assignment for a wedding magazine. I was able to boost my confidence level through all the trials and auditions, gain industrial knowledge and built up my public relation skills.

 Freelance modeling has given me flexibility to continue my passion together with my current job and thanks to iModelsHoldings for making my modeling journey successful.

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