Sunday, 24 May 2015

iModelsHoldings Scam?

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‎iModels‬ : Cassandra

Here is what ‪Cassandra have shared about ‪‎i Models Holdingsto help you avoid talent and modelling scams.

How did you join the agency?

Ans: I was scouted on the streets, and my i actually told my aunt about me. She then brought me down to i Models Holdings‬ to check the modelling agency and felt that it was very presentable, so she told my parents about it. And with encouragement and approval, i actually got into imodels.

How has modelling benefited you?

Ans: Modelling has actually helped me to gain a lot of experience, exposure and to understand what is industry like outside of school. I actually get to learn about life, about how to identify faces and understand people how they react to stuff. So, ya, it actually prepare me for the outside society.

What was your most memorable job experience?

Ans: The most memorable job that i did was the MTV shoot, for Ryan Keen, his song is called short collars, and it is actually very fun, and very different from normal photo shoots or tv commercials because i actually get to have fun while i work, so that is very memorable for me. And it is the first time i did a MTV shoot, so ya, it was one of the most memorable shoot ever.

Dear Cassandra, “Thank you so much for sharing your abundance checks!"

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  1. I didn't understand what it all meant before being in the iModelsHoldings Modeling industry, but I do now. I really love what I do, making people happy while entertaining them, I might just become a full-time model after I finish school! Is iModelsHoldings a scam? No way. How could it possibly be, after teaching me such important life lessons and skills and I had the time of my life with them! To me monetary earnings are not whats most important, though I'm sure glad that I'm earning such money at my age, what is important, is doing what you love.

  2. Yes. I’ve heard many positive reviews about imodels. thing about them. imodels is not a scam

  3. I am signed with imodels and they have helped me kick start my modelling career in the way that I want. They are very friendly and its a lot of fun. I had a really good time.

  4. I too have heard about imodels holdings through ads and went down to checkout the place. After a smooth interview session I am currently waiting for my assignment to start.Don't believe check out the agency directly.

  5. During the "interview" they inform me to make a payment of around 700 bucks to make the com card before I can even start receiving "assignment" from this company.

    When I refused , they told me to make a deposit of 100 else the interview will be deemed void...

    They seemed so desperate to sign people desperate to collect that 100 bucks...

    Isn't the company you work for supposed to compensate you for your time and not the other way round?

    Anyone who wants to sign up with this company , I strongly suggest you do a search on google first regarding what the others experienced before signing up for anything ..

    The results and review Do Not Lie!!!


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