Tuesday, 30 June 2015

iModelsHoldings Scam? What do you guys think about imodelsholdings.

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Absolutely Not! I approached iModelsHoldings as my sister also did her part time modeling in the same company. She has shared with me on her success story and how her journey in iModelsHoldings has been. I had plenty of time to kill after my A levels while waiting for my university admissions. So I decided to give modeling a try to kill time and to earn some cash. I guess I have underestimated the effort required for modeling. It was not as easy as I thought. I did face few hiccups in the beginning and decided that modeling is not my cup of tea. However after talking to fellow colleagues who do modeling through iModelsHoldings I have gathered some useful tips to do better. The agents in iModelsHoldings had also boost up my confidence level by checking on me frequently and giving me good assignments. As I did more assignments I gained more knowledge and made friends. This has helped me a lot in life and now I am able to juggle between modeling and my university studies.  

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