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iModels Holdings Reviews, Irina

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iModels: Irina

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Can you do a short introduction of yourself?

ya sure ...So.. My name is Irina. Some of my hobbies are dancing, I love dancing. And i love acting, during my free time. Like quite a job for me and i am currently studying in Lasalle Collage of the Arts. I am getting my performance Diploma done for acting, dancing, signing and instrument. so ya, i love it.

How did you get to know about iModelsHoldings? 

I was actually walking down Orchard like on my average day shopping and then, i got stopped by a woman and she gave me a card and then , she just explain briefly like what iModelsHoldings was and basically, that's how i got to know about iModels.

Can you share with us your experiences as a models?

I did quite a few castings before. I actually got a job. I'v done one for NANU technology which is a app and actually it was like a video plus pictures. So is many frames and it is really cool to watch. And then i also done a photo short for Phillips which was like one of the funniest. It was actually pretty long but it was like pretty cool to see so many people. and it was actually in a party that was fun.

What are some modelling tips that you have?

Definitely like, Do not be late. Like, that's the last thing you want. And they will keep telling you that. Other things like practice poses. Like definitely. Because, you gonna be ask to do some free poses by yourself. And you really want to know to do and what look best in your body. And definitely..Be confident. Like, be yourself and like, don't be shy about it because obviously you nee to be pretty open with the pictures and all.

What you initially think that we were a "Scam / Fake" 

When i first got my card ,first thing i did was to research about the company and to be honest, i saw like pretty horrible reviews about it. Like "Its a scam, for sure." like "i have never got anything good out of it."

But to be honesty like i don't know, i still went for it and, after i got a few jobs, i realise like it really isn't. You should definitely try for it.

What factor made you choose iModels to assist you with?

To be honest I've been approached by many different agencies. But when i came to all the interviews this one the one that actually convinced me the most. As, they seem like quite professional. And they were just very convincing and like really kind and friendly.

What did you learn during the process of being an model?

I learn a lot of thing like how to poses infront of the camera and definitely like how to know different client's personality to achieve what they want and how to get jobs like that's the most important thing of all. Like, just to be more confident in general of myself.

What was the most memorable job you did?

The most memorable job was definitely the one i did for Philips. It was one of the longest and hardest but it was like, I don't know, it was really good to do it. It probably like, find like positive. There was many people as well like i met. so many people, like different countries and cultures and it was like great to work with them and like the crew and eveyone else there helping us to do like make-up, hair. Everything was like, incredible. Was like a really good experience to be honest. And you just really get the sense of what's it like to be a model.

Is there anything you'd like to add?

Overall, its been a great experience and i just really hope i can do more of this because it is really fun to do. I met lot's of people in iModelsHoldings and i really got a confidence boost and, I don't know. I've been having a great time and i just really hope they can just keep going.

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